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Laying here doesn’t feel right without you. I wrap myself up in a blanket and throw my arm over expecting to feel you under me, but all I feel is my own skin. The alcohol on my breath compares to nothing to the taste of your lips at 3 a.m. I am highly depressed that I don’t get you tonight, but tomorrow I’ll have you to myself.

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it’s all there. no need for a caption. 


it’s all there. no need for a caption. 

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I got tangled up in you,
Like a cheap pair of headphones.
But when I tried to untie your knots,
I worked my fingers to the bones.
I couldn’t figure you out,
Like a puzzle that couldn’t be solved.
I had to give up on you,
Letting whatever we had dissolve.
You’ll never know how hard it was,
How hard it still is
To speak of you between my lips,
and hurtfully reminisce.

Sometimes I still have dreams of you,
Touching me on my shoulder and calling me closer.
The worst part is waking up,
Realizing that it really is over.
They say that human skin replenishes every 27 days, you’ve never touched me then.
But that fact of science only gives me an excuse to find you out again.

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